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Since 1991, Tarigma Corporation has developed and marketed software that supplies accurate, timely, and hard-to-acquire data to the mission-critical processes and applications that global companies depend on. Throughout the decade that birthed the Internet for commercial and industrial exploitation, Tarigma mastered the communication protocols that allowed wildly-different systems to be connected, and to share data and directives. Tarigma has been particularly active and successful with global leaders in Process & Discrete Manufacturing and Power, Gas & Water Utilities.

Technology and Architecture

Tarigma software applications implement the distributed network reference architecture known as Fog Computing. Fog computing is a term created by Cisco and The OpenFog Consortium that refers to distributing cloud computing to the “edge” of the enterprise. Also known as edge computing or fogging, fog computing facilitates the distribution of computing, storage, and networking services between edge devices and cloud computing data centers. By moving the collection and conversion of raw data to actionable information closer to the data sources, we minimize the latency between critical events and required responses, all while reducing the network load and consumption of bandwidth. Fog Computing has emerged in direct response to the exponential growth of three technologies: IIoT, 5G and AI.


Grid Enterprise Manager

Grid Enterprise Manager (GEM)

Grid Enterprise Manager (GEM) is an advanced application platform that operates in conjunction with the FrameWorx data acquisition platform to provide the Operators and Engineers of Electrical Utilities with actionable data from IEDs located in Substations across the grid. GEM establishes and maintains a centralized database of IED operational and non-operational data, plus a set of core functions and advanced application that address critical use cases for operational performance and regulatory compliance.

FrameWorx Diagram


Tarigma’s data acquisition platform for collecting actionable data from Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sources across the enterprise, including a wide variety of sensors, actuators, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) that populate the operational landscape of those enterprises.

Industries Served

Electric Utilities

Tarigma has been a leading innovator in the development of FrameWorx data collectors for the wide range of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) used by Electric Utilities in their Smart Grid investments. Our user community spans three continents and includes:

American Electric Power

Water Utilities

Tarigma software products support the management and reporting requirements for asset performance management (APM) and financial instruments in the Water Resources and Utilities market. Our user community includes the following:

Indiana Department of Natural Resources
State of Oklahoma Water Resources Board
Ohio Water Development Authority

Pulp & Paper Industry

Tarigma’s FrameWorx product set was first developed and deployed in the worldwide Pulp & Paper Industry to facilitate the interconnection of supervisory control systems on papermachines with the higher level process historians (PI), manufacturing execution systems (MES) and enterprise resource planning systems (ERP). Our user community includes the following:

Boise Cascade
Georga Pacific
International Paper

Steel & Aluminum Industry

Tarigma software products connect gaging & real-time process controllers with manufacturing execution systems (MES) and supports the data collection requirements for equipment maintenance and asset performance management (APM) applications Our user community includes the following:

Arcelor Mittal

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