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Since 1991, Tarigma Corporation has developed and marketed software that supplies accurate, timely, and hard-to-acquire data to the mission-critical processes and applications that global companies depend on. Throughout the decade that birthed the Internet for commercial and industrial exploitation, Tarigma mastered the communication protocols that allowed wildly-different systems to be connected, and to share data and directives. Tarigma has been particularly active and successful with global leaders in Process & Discrete Manufacturing and Power, Gas & Water Utilities. Learn more about Tarigma markets and customers.

In the decade after Y2K, Tarigma helped its clients remediate vulnerable communication links, implement tighter security policies, and exploit the demand for real-time data access across the enterprise. And all this as new and evolving industry-standard protocols for communication and interoperability crossed the IT landscape.

By the dawn of the current decade, a sea change in Information Technology was underway: the abandonment of the “asset purchase” model for hardware, software and facilities that become technologically obsolete well before their depreciation schedules expire, and the adoption of a new “subscription service” model called Cloud Computing. And this move to the Cloud coincided with another megatrend: the expansion of software applications into Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

So just as Computing is moving to The Cloud and farther away from its data sources, it is developing a growing appetite for exponentially more data from the remote recesses of the enterprise, or what some now call The Edge. This creates traffic, consumes bandwidth, and increases latency on the network, thereby slowing the response to critical events. Tarigma recognized this problem decades ago thanks to its experiences with supervisory control loops in manufacturing applications and implemented its software using a distributed network architecture which places data collection, time stamping and event-framing modules as close to the data sources as possible, and uses transaction caching to insure data reaches its central destination in context despite slow or disrupted networks. Now important leaders in Information Technology (Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, etc.) have addressed these problems by creating a distributed network reference architecture called Fog Computing to promote open standards that drive innovation and interoperability. Tarigma continues to innovate using the principles of Fog Computing. Learn more about Tarigma technology.

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