Relay Settings Management

In 2018, the NERC issued the State of Reliability Report for 2012-2017 which documented that forty percent (40%) of the misoperations of grid protection systems are the result of human error; specifically, protection relay settings being in an incorrect state. Thirty percent (30%) of the mis-operations were due to incorrect logic, engineering calculations, or errors in settings entry, and a full ten percent (10%) result from a failure to restore the production settings after testing is complete.

Tarigma’s Relay Settings Management (RSM) feature provides periodic collection of relay settings from Substation IEDs across the grid, comparison to their design baseline, and notification of P&C Engineers via email and/or SMS when differences are detected.

RSM also detects when relays are placed in Test Mode and alerts Engineers if test settings are still present after testing is complete. Our white paper demonstrates a 5 to 8 times Return-On- Investment (ROI) for RSM over a ten-year period.

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