Grid Enterprise Manager (GEM), CoilView, and Reels OnLine product suites provide robust data acquisition, archiving, advanced visualization and analysis tools, which allow metal and paper manufacturers to maintain a competitive advantage in process control and product quality. Tarigma's consulting services apply decades of industry experience to satisfy our customers' technical, support and training needs.

Grid Enterprise Manager (GEM)
Grid Enterprise Manager provides a solution for many of the station automation challenges. Listed below are just a few of the features and capabilities:
  • Meets NERC Requirements for Oscillography and Disturbance Monitoring by collecting data from sub-station relays, IEDs, etc.
  • Collects data from substation IEDs and reliably and securely transports the data to corporate servers. This data is automatically analyzed and transformed into end-user actionable information such as SMS message notifications when predefined grid parameters are exceeded.
  • Communicates with all major of IED venders (ABB, GE, Schweitzer, Siemens, Cooper, etc). Implements the most modern standard utility protocols in addition to legacy protocols (IEC 61850, DNP, MODBUS, IEEE C37.118 Synchrophasor, among others).
  • GEM connects to existing systems pushes and pulls data which results in more accurate information. Systems include PI, SCADA, Asset Management, Mapping Systems, SQL Databases.
  • Facilitates Root Cause Analysis of circuit failures by utilizing existing systems such as PI, Fault Systems, Asset Management and Weather databases.
  • Secure retrieval of substation device data such as: Oscillography, Fault, Sequence Of Event, Metering (Volts, Amps, Watts, etc), and Synchrophasor and Asset Management Information.
  • Visualization of the collected data is accessible via an easy to use web interface making this data available to users who would previously not have access to this information.

Combining the most advanced features of configurable data acquisition and framing, data specific actions, notification, and scalability, FrameWorx (Fx) provides the ideal connectivity framework for monitoring and control of Continuous, Batch, Discrete, and Batch/Discrete processes. Utilizing a Publish & Subscribe mechanism collection of data, forwarding of data, and event notification are easily enhanced and tailored to meet your exact needs. Database modules provide data persistence for any data collected and information produced.

A coil data SPC and historization network software suite, combines the most advanced features of contemporary data acquisition, an intuitive user interface, and data historization available for the metals coil producer today. Developed specifically for the metals flat roller, CoilView offers several "special needs" features unique to this application, which off-the-shelf data collection and history packages do not address. With CoilView, collection of the data necessary to determine qualification for QS 9000 and other quality control standards for the thickness of each coil is simple and efficient. Thickness and length data are collected for each coil, and stored in a database. The archived data is then visualized via various charts, tables and histograms or advanced reports, on the system network and at your desktop PC.

Reels OnLine
Rapid, high-resolution process control visibility for the paper industry is achieved with the Reels OnLine product. Industry-proven data acquisition combined with powerful drill-down data analysis tools, allow for dynamic visualization and analysis of data. "Out-of-tolerance" measurements are rapidly located for detailed analysis. Historical reel data can be recalled and viewed as a long term process monitoring tool, or output in a report for internal or customer reference. Reels OnLine facilitates quick access to as-measured data at your desktop allowing real-time decisions thus improving throughput and increasing profitability by identifying trouble areas before major problems result.