About Tarigma
Since 1991, global companies have leveraged Tarigma's advanced software products and professional services to drive mission-critical applications and processes in many industry verticals. These include Pulp & Paper, Metals, Electric Utilities, Process, Printing and other industry verticals. Tarigma's industrial-strength software runs on mission-critical production equipment. Leveraged with our expertise in connectivity, scanning measurement equipment, gauges, paper production equipment, databases and production processes, Tarigma is able to provide exceptional service to our customers.

Tarigma offers true professional services, and our software products provide the specialized real-time data acquisition, connectivity with legacy equipment, presentation and analysis capabilities that companies require to compete in today's market-driven economy. Tarigma's unique ability to extract information from otherwise outdated legacy devices, analog sensors and controls, truly fulfills the promise of today's emerging technologies.

Company History

Tarigma Corporation was founded as Sofpak in 1991 by Declan Smith and established itself in the manufacturing and process control industries. In 2001 Sofpak merged with OOTek Corporation, a developer of object-oriented solutions for many commercial products. OOTek Corporation was founded by Win Worcester and Keith Sarbaugh. The OOTekSofPak merger resulted in a company with a "tried and true" portfolio of software that solves the most vexing manufacturing and process industry challenges. Knowing that the company's "value-add" is its ability to truly solve manufacturing and business enigmas, OOTekSofpak was renamed Tarigma.